Dovetail  Health employs a consultative process from first engagement to program delivery.  Data analytics on the front end allows Dovetail to identify the right portion of your population for the intervention, delivered by a dedicated network of pharmacists and nurses. Analytics on the backend allows for real-time actionable data, leading to new patient insights and innovation across the patient journey. Dovetail works with you to ensure the program is designed to address the problem at hand, and is tailored to for results.



    Company specific program design integrated into existing patient services.


    Data Analytics

    Analysis of the patient population to determine the appropriate patient engagement model.


    Clinician Network

    Dedicated network of clinical pharmacists and nurses to reach patients in all geographies.


    Patient Engagement Model

    Clinicians connect with patients face-to-face in the patients’ homes or in the community.


    1-to-1 Patient Coaching

    Patients receive personalized support focused on disease state education, adherence coaching and existing patient services.


    Real World Data

    Data generates insights into the patient journey and allows for continuous process improvement.

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